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Go Gold this Sunday

We’ve written several times about Overbrook neighbour Phoebe Rose Doull Hoffman and her childhood cancer  challenges.GoGold

Unfortunately, she and her family will not be able to attend this year’s awareness raising event in Ottawa due to Phoebe’s relapse treatment in Denver, Co. However we urge the neighbourhood and beyond to come out in droves to Parliament Hill this Sunday at 5:45PM for the Childhood Cancer Awareness rally for a wonderful, fun and important evening. There will be music, puppets, speakers, face-painting, bubbles and more.

Serious though this topic is GO GOLD is a heart-warming gathering and  fun event that needs your presence to make it’s message heard. -So please come alone, with friends, with kids, for a short visit or stay the duration but please come out and see the Peace Tower GO GOLD in support of all those and their families afflicted by Childhood Cancer

Eye Spy: Phoebe Rose gets the “Go”!

Never let it be said there is no reason or point to protests and speaking out. Over the last few weeks readers met our Overbrook neighbour 3 year old Phoebe Rose and learned of her many challenges.

Hearing of OHIP’s refusal to cover her latest treatment following a relapse – a treatment that will be available at Toronto’s Sick Kids in just over a month – her family, individuals, and neighbours spoke out and challenged this decision. Twitter followed and so did Ottawa Metro, CTV Morning and more.

This raising of voices has caused a re-examination of Phoebe’s case and today her Mother Jenny Doull shared the tremendous news that OHIP will cover her treatment in New York whilst Toronto sets up its own centre.

“Strength in numbers, strength in speaking out. @JennyDoull1 confirmed #OHIP will cover #PhoebeRose cancer treatment. Thank You all. “

Eye Spy: Universal Challenges for Phoebe Rose

Last week Jonathan and Jenny Hoffman-Doull, following an agonising 18-day wait, were notified that the deemed “experimental” treatment required to treat Phoebe Rose’s aggressive form of childhood leukaemia would not be covered by OHIP.

To quote Phoebe’s tireless mom Jenny “What makes this even more frustrating is that treatment is supposed to open at SickKids in 1-2 months… and,  OHIP will cover it because it is at SickKids.

phoeberose slidesPhoebe Rose is the brave and beautiful 3.5year old living over the River and across the road from Ward 12. She has battled cancer since the age of 9 weeks putting her tiny body through much to advance the chances of those afflicted by this monster. Phoebe  deserves better from our Universal Health Care system. We must cease to compare ourselves to south of the border and hold up our own health-care to like-for-like universal systems in France, the UK, Netherlands and more. It is only through relevant  comparison that we will recognise real models for improvement and demand better health care.

Sandy Hill Seen hopes to reach out to it’s readership for any fundraising events as the family assesses it’s next steps which will likely include travel to St Jude’s in Tennessee for treatment. Together by caring for our friends, our neighbours and acquaintances we make our immediate world a better place.

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Please visit Jenny Doull’s beautifully written website PhoebeRoseRocks for the full details of this latest challenge faced by Phoebe and her family.

Eye-Spy: Do You Know Phoebe Rose?

Phoebe Rose Hoffman-Doull is a 3.5 year old beautiful blond bundle of energy living just over the river from Sandy Hill in Overbrook.  She has an almost 6 year old sister called Mae, strong loving parents Jenny & Jonathan, cousins down the street and Grandparents Liza & Robin in Vanier. Phoebe Rose also has a rare form of childhood leukaemia having first been diagnosed at only 9 weeks old.

For her entire life Phoebe Rose and her family have been forced to battle for her survival. The struggles this family faced are unimaginable and yet they have relentlessly advocated for their daughter’s good health with grace and dignity.

Phoebe Rose & Mae - courtesy Jenny Hoffman-Doull http://phoeberoserocks.blogspot.ca/

Phoebe Rose & Mae – courtesy Jenny Hoffman-Doull http://phoeberoserocks.blogspot.ca/

Phoebe Rose relapsed this month; she and her family who have worked tirelessly to help other kids with cancer are facing their monster again for the 3rd time.

The family is sitting on a knife-edge as we write this waiting to hear whether OHIP will approve her latest treatment deemed “experimental” in Ontario.  The family have now been waiting 15 days.

As Phoebe’s mother Jenny wrote “In the twelve days that we have waited, the disease in Phoebe’s bone marrow has grown and now takes up 50% of this precious and valuable space. 

Please consider writing to your MP or Premier (or tweet @kathleen_Wynne)  about Phobe Rose. This is acute and aggressive cancer and time is not a luxury afforded. Or, if you can help please go to the online-auction on Facebook to lighten the massive financial burden of the family.

Jenny Doull-Hoffman writes eloquently and passionately – spare a moment to visit her blog: PhoebeRoseRocks and get to know your neighbour.