Eye Spy: Phoebe Rose gets the “Go”!

Never let it be said there is no reason or point to protests and speaking out. Over the last few weeks readers met our Overbrook neighbour 3 year old Phoebe Rose and learned of her many challenges.

Hearing of OHIP’s refusal to cover her latest treatment following a relapse – a treatment that will be available at Toronto’s Sick Kids in just over a month – her family, individuals, and neighbours spoke out and challenged this decision. Twitter followed and so did Ottawa Metro, CTV Morning and more.

This raising of voices has caused a re-examination of Phoebe’s case and today her Mother Jenny Doull shared the tremendous news that OHIP will cover her treatment in New York whilst Toronto sets up its own centre.

“Strength in numbers, strength in speaking out. @JennyDoull1 confirmed #OHIP will cover #PhoebeRose cancer treatment. Thank You all. “

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