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Eye Spy: The Segregated Laurier Bike Lane cycles into Sandy Hill + a suggestion to the Mayor

As per our tweet yesterday afternoon:

Say it w/ me: woohoo! . starts work to extend Laurier Bike lane from Elgin to Cumberland. Opens in August   RETWEETS10

It is with great excitement that we learned about the extension of the segregated Laurier Bike Lane in to Sandy Hill.

The extended lane will be segregated from Elgin St to the Queen Elizabeth Drive turn-off and from there it will be a painted lane across the bridge up to Cumberland St.

Mayor & us at Ride of Silence - advocating for safe cycling

Mayor & us at Ride of Silence – advocating for safe cycling

As a strong advocate of safe infrastructure supporting the use of urban “destination” cycling for all from 8-80 years we applaud advancement. Thank you City & Mayor Jim Watson for making this extension happen.

We urge the Mayor to consider extending this work, at least with painted line, – though segregated would be much better esp for those unsure or with young children – across King-Edward to Chapel St.  This further extension would lead nicely – via a right-hand turn – to the soon-to-be build Donald St -Strathcona Park bridge connecting us to Vanier & Overbrook. While a left hand turn off Laurier at Chapel would take cyclists smoothly through Lowertown to Beausoleil (Ottawa’s 1st Bike-only interesection) and up York across King Edward in to the Byward Market.  This network would truly unite all of Rideau-Vanier Ward 12.

It would be Ottawa’s first fully connected, full Ward cycle network – Let’s do it!


Eye Spy: Local Twitter Advocate in the News

What started as an en-ragingly absurd conversation on Twitter has hit the printed press.

Photo courtesy Eric Goodwin @auxonic

Photo courtesy Eric Goodwin @auxonic

On Wednesday morning, March 19th, a driver with license plate “CF MOM” needed a parking spot on Laurier. Rather than park legally in a designated spot this driver decided the protected bike lane looked great.

Eric Goodwin – he that bikes  in all seasons – took some pictures, tweeted some cracking comments alongside others in the Ottawa cycling twitterati and later was interviewed by Joe Lofaro.

Read more from the Metro’s article here:  http://metronews.ca/news/ottawa/978403/ottawa-cyclist-tweets-photo-of-egregious-violation-of-segregated-bike-lane/

Unfortunately Ottawa City bylaw failed to take  decisive action despite the vehicle being in place for at least – from twitter photos – almost 20mins. The City told Metro they could not issue a ticket as the car had moved by the time the bylaw officer showed up.  Might this member of your electorate humbly suggest a strongly worded letter of warning be issued to the owner of the license plate “CF MOM” at a minimum if the City feels unable to issue a fine despite all recorded evidence.