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Eye Spy: Local Twitter Advocate in the News

What started as an en-ragingly absurd conversation on Twitter has hit the printed press.

Photo courtesy Eric Goodwin @auxonic

Photo courtesy Eric Goodwin @auxonic

On Wednesday morning, March 19th, a driver with license plate “CF MOM” needed a parking spot on Laurier. Rather than park legally in a designated spot this driver decided the protected bike lane looked great.

Eric Goodwin – he that bikes  in all seasons – took some pictures, tweeted some cracking comments alongside others in the Ottawa cycling twitterati and later was interviewed by Joe Lofaro.

Read more from the Metro’s article here:  http://metronews.ca/news/ottawa/978403/ottawa-cyclist-tweets-photo-of-egregious-violation-of-segregated-bike-lane/

Unfortunately Ottawa City bylaw failed to take  decisive action despite the vehicle being in place for at least – from twitter photos – almost 20mins. The City told Metro they could not issue a ticket as the car had moved by the time the bylaw officer showed up.  Might this member of your electorate humbly suggest a strongly worded letter of warning be issued to the owner of the license plate “CF MOM” at a minimum if the City feels unable to issue a fine despite all recorded evidence.

Eye Spy: Sandy Hill Winter Biker hits the News Twice

Photo - Eric Goodwin (Twitter)

Photo – Eric Goodwin (Twitter)

In an article entitled “What does it take to keep on riding through Winter?” & in  CTV news video “Winter Cyclists defy the elements” Sandy Hill’er Eric Goodwin talks through the finer points of motivation and warmth on winter bike trips. He is definitely a braver cyclist than I as the lack of bike lanes and proximity to cars don’t leave him rattled.

Only our second full winter in Canada I  admit to being slightly in awe and very impressed by the intrepid winter pedlars I spy daily in the most inclement of weather going about their business like it is “no big deal”. A “cyclist” of no stripes myself it is simply my preferred means of summertime travel. Hands-down it is the best way to buzz around town and conduct errands.  I abhor being stuck in traffic almost as much as I hate the disconnected feeling I get when travelling by car. Decades of Euro living has left it’s mark and other than road-trips I’ll take almost any means of transport over the car when getting around town. Storing away my bike this December was akin to a grand adieu! Healthy, clean but most importantly fun I miss my two-when ride and and am seriously weighing the idea of a re-built beater bike and joining the ranks of all weather bikers.

Can I get me a segregated bike network woot woot!