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Eye Spy: Vocal Advocating Attendees at RideauSt CDP Planning Primer

I attendimageed the 1st of three Rideau St Community Development Plan (CDP) planning primers hosted by Ottawa City Planner Melanie Knight at the Rideau St Library this morning.

Though the room was about half full the meeting was amply  filled with vocal input from advocates from Lowertown & Sandy including Chris Bradshaw, Diane Beckett and Francois Bregha. It was an informative meeting with a very animated discussion around the way we ensure a thriving mainstreet. Highlights were not using the highest building as the guideline for height (there are only 4 over 10 stories and only 1 over 15 – hardly a hand-tying precedence for towers), creating open inviting corridors from Rideau to nearby parks (either side at Chapel St & to MacDonald Gardens)  and creating resting spots or plaza’s on Rideau st.

The final session is tonight at 6pm. It should be fun and vocal as I know of at least two strong advocates & visionaries Eric Goodwin & Catherine Fortin-LeFaivre who will be in attendance. I hope you will be too!

Eye Spy: Local Twitter Advocate in the News

What started as an en-ragingly absurd conversation on Twitter has hit the printed press.

Photo courtesy Eric Goodwin @auxonic

Photo courtesy Eric Goodwin @auxonic

On Wednesday morning, March 19th, a driver with license plate “CF MOM” needed a parking spot on Laurier. Rather than park legally in a designated spot this driver decided the protected bike lane looked great.

Eric Goodwin – he that bikes  in all seasons – took some pictures, tweeted some cracking comments alongside others in the Ottawa cycling twitterati and later was interviewed by Joe Lofaro.

Read more from the Metro’s article here:  http://metronews.ca/news/ottawa/978403/ottawa-cyclist-tweets-photo-of-egregious-violation-of-segregated-bike-lane/

Unfortunately Ottawa City bylaw failed to take  decisive action despite the vehicle being in place for at least – from twitter photos – almost 20mins. The City told Metro they could not issue a ticket as the car had moved by the time the bylaw officer showed up.  Might this member of your electorate humbly suggest a strongly worded letter of warning be issued to the owner of the license plate “CF MOM” at a minimum if the City feels unable to issue a fine despite all recorded evidence.

Eye Spy: Sandy Hill Winter Biker hits the News Twice

Photo - Eric Goodwin (Twitter)

Photo – Eric Goodwin (Twitter)

In an article entitled “What does it take to keep on riding through Winter?” & in  CTV news video “Winter Cyclists defy the elements” Sandy Hill’er Eric Goodwin talks through the finer points of motivation and warmth on winter bike trips. He is definitely a braver cyclist than I as the lack of bike lanes and proximity to cars don’t leave him rattled.

Only our second full winter in Canada I  admit to being slightly in awe and very impressed by the intrepid winter pedlars I spy daily in the most inclement of weather going about their business like it is “no big deal”. A “cyclist” of no stripes myself it is simply my preferred means of summertime travel. Hands-down it is the best way to buzz around town and conduct errands.  I abhor being stuck in traffic almost as much as I hate the disconnected feeling I get when travelling by car. Decades of Euro living has left it’s mark and other than road-trips I’ll take almost any means of transport over the car when getting around town. Storing away my bike this December was akin to a grand adieu! Healthy, clean but most importantly fun I miss my two-when ride and and am seriously weighing the idea of a re-built beater bike and joining the ranks of all weather bikers.

Can I get me a segregated bike network woot woot!