Liz Bernstein: Redevelop the ByWard Market for 2017

LCA pushes for Market Redevelopment in Byward Market. Couldn’t agree more. Let’s make it a people place, a market, let’s stop prioritizing cars over people. If NY can make Time Square a car-free zone and reap so many obvious benefits so can Ottawa. A great city is a grouping of many great neighbourhoods – let’s build the whole city up!

Ottawa Citizen

Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017. Ottawa, as the nation’s capital, will play a role in hosting the celebrations and the city’s many expected tourists. The Byward Market, arguably the city’s heart, will be thrust on a national platform.

But what will the visitors see? A Byward Market of cars and parking lots, or a vibrant, people-centred historic market? On July 8, Ottawa’s City Council will be taking an important step in deciding what the ByWard Market will look like in 2017.

The Term of Council Priorities for 2015 to 2018 are coming to a vote. Once approved, these priorities will form the basis of the city’s Strategic Plan. And included in the proposed council priorities is a section on the redevelopment of the ByWard Market.

These redevelopment plans imagine the Market Building dedicated to selling fresh food year-round, and a pedestrian-friendly market, with streetscapes that invite…

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