Reevely: On those that Cry “Split-Vote” #ottvote

In this, my first municipal election in Ottawa, I hear a lot of split vote talk which is intimidating and disruptive to the democratic process. Individual voters must evaluate candidates with an open-mind and cast their ballot for the one they believe is best suited to serve their ward.
In Kitchessippi ward anonymous notes were sent to the supporters of challenger Michelle Reimer in an attempt to dissuade and deter their commitment. Reimer remains a strong, qualified and committed candidate.

This base tactic is nothing short of bully-tactics. The fear-mongering over vote splitting is disgraceful and, as so often with cowardly tactics, unfounded. Let us put forth that anyone who feels the need to fear-monger over vote-splitting would be better off using this energy to build a better campaign for their preferred candidate.

It is particularly sad in this instance that the tactic was aimed at a female candidate in a city that is very poorly represented by elected women.

On October 27th, Be Brave. Vote with your beliefs not governed by fear.

Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa’s got several city council races this fall in which our old way of voting will probably make a hash of the results and a new kind of ballot would help a lot.

Premier Kathleen Wynne wants cities to have the option of ranked-choice voting by the next election in 2018. The trick is convincing politicians chosen the old way to agree to the new way. In a month, we’ll probably have a bunch of object lessons in why they should.

In downtown Somerset, where longtime councillor Diane Holmes is retiring, voters are blessed with 11 candidates, of whom five are plainly capable of doing the job. The situation is similar in Innes, which veteran Rainer Bloess is vacating. The winners will probably be chosen with a third of the votes at most.

In other wards, incumbent who might be vulnerable could have their jobs saved by split opposition.

In Rideau-Rockcliffe, Peter Clark…

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