Nancy Peckford: One step back for women in municipal politics

If we want diverse representation we need to support diverse representation in #ottvote and not decide upon the candidate to support before listening to them.

Ottawa Citizen

In politics, it is widely accepted that to be successful you have to play the long game. Short term wins don’t always translate. There are bound to be hiccups, setbacks and even big losses among the hard won victories. Staying the course, upping your game and remaining credible are key.

And so it goes with women and politics as we are nearing the finish line for Ontario’s municipal elections where it appears few women are getting ahead. In Ottawa, a mere 17 per cent of candidates are female and the one female mayoral candidate has little visibility. In Toronto, it’s just 12 per cent. Olivia Chow’s mayoral bid is just starting to gain the momentum many expected it to have by now.

In Ottawa, with two high profile councillors Maria McRae and Diane Holmes choosing not to run again, it’s anyone’s guess if those seats – or seats in other…

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