Tis the Season to Write… for Rights

December 10th is International Human Rights Day – an annual event with hardly the ripple effect of Black Friday. So today, because justice and social liberties are actually more important that queuing for an iPad, I’m participating in the global Write for Rights campaign.

AmnestyWrite for Rights is the yearly Amnesty International campaign that encourages people to write, tweet or email in support of individuals and movements fighting for social justice worldwide. It mobilizes hundreds of thousands to speak up for those who quite often put their lives on the line exposing human rights abuses.

And it does make a difference – Amnesty’s letter-writing campaigns have led to positive action in one-third of the targeted cases while the #WriteforRights campaign exceeded that success with more than half of the cases resolved with a positive outcome.

Over 80 countries participate and this year’s goal is to generate 2 million letters with an anticipated 30 000 from Canada.

A strong domestic policy on Human Rights would lend our government moral leadership internationally so it is heartening to see Canada feature as one of Amnesty’s targeted cases for Indigenous Rights.

When our politicians respect the right to protest – be it of indigenous people in New Brunswick or a cross-section at Toronto’s G20 (condemned as the greatest violation of Civil Rights in Canadian history)  – we make genuine steps toward protecting of Human Rights on the international stage.

Because if it is alright to occupy the street for the H&M opening or iPhone launch it is also alright to occupy the street for civil liberties.

Celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Sandy Hill today at the Amnesty International office at 312 Laurier Ave where you can  write letters, sign petitions and postcards and listen to guest speakers including Secretary-General Alex Neve.

For more information visit http://www.amnesty.ca

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