Eye Spy: Weekend Images & Replays

One and Only frametasticSandy Hill had it all on its doorstep this weekend: capoiera, craft shows and screenings galore. The great thing is if you missed some of these events you can still catch them locally.

We couldn’t get in to the full house première screening at the Mayfair last Thursday but it’s the Bytowne Cinema to the rescue with The Human Scale on the calendar for 3 nights this week 19-21st.

Our Man framtasticThe Bytowne hosted an incredible sold-out screening of “Our Man in Tehran” followed by a Q&A panel Sunday night with former PM Joe Clark, former Canadian Ambassador to Iran Ken Taylor and film-makers Drew Taylor & Larry Weinstein. It’s on again tonight at 6:25 for those that missed out.  If you’ve seen Argo and plan to see this the accurate story of the Iranian hostage crisis rescue beware this Spoiler Alert: This time around the Right Honourable Clark does not end up on the cutting room floor. 

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