Eye Spy: The Human Scale Screening

Further afield than usual but worth the journey The Human Scale has its Ottawa premier tonight at the Mayfair Cinema on Bank St.

the human scaleThe Human Scale examines how public spaces are used and designed – a particularly relevant discussion in Ottawa at the moment with the City’s desire to increase core density. The documentary poses the question of how city’s would look and work if they were designed for humans rather than for traffic. Exercises are performed whereby spaces are reclaimed; cars which allow personal property to occupy huge swaths of public space are displaced to accommodate individuals. In particular Time Square re-imagined provokes the shockingly obvious realisation in locals that there is indeed no “Square” at this world famous landmark!

the_human_scaleDanish Architect and Professor Jan Gehl who has inspired city planning in Copenhagen for 40 years argues that cities must be built to encourage human interaction, inclusion and intimacy.

Let’s hope this international movement inspires Ottawa to recognise the importance of incorporating the required space for cyclists, pedestrians and infrastructures that encourage human interaction alongside traffic planning to create a more attractive, vibrant and liveable Capital city.

Mayfair Theatre, 7pm
Hosted by the Royal Danish Embassy
Free: on a first-come basis

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