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Eye Spy: A Great Bettye Hyde Party

Bettye Hyde PartyIt’s a wrap for the kid’s party at the Bettye HydeCAFCO Carriage House on Blackburn Ave in Sandy Hill. With so many great faces from the neighbourhood and beyond the afternoon celebration of the Grand Opening of the daycare and Community resource centre flew by.

Keisha, Lisa, Leanne, Cindy& Janet are hanging the lights and uncorking the wine for round two as we type.  So get set for libations, laughs and good times while the grown-ups leave the kids at home and kick back for the evening. Enjoy and thank for all you do Bettye Hyde!

Eye Spy: Renaissance of Historic Carriage House

Tomorrow is the day to parade your community spirit!

Carriage House GraphicTomorrow Bettye Hyde, Sandy Hill’s première early years learning centre, moves from All Saints to it’s new home – the community owned Carriage House.

Come out to bid the old digs a fond farewell, cheer and join the wee ones on their epic parade. It is a momentous moment in our neighbourhood and it deserves to be marked.

We never doubted this crew would do it in style and sure enough Janet, Lisa, Keisha, Cindy and Leanne will all be on hand to lead the kid’s parade from All Saints Church – 10 Blackburn (at Laurier) to the new digs at 43 Blackburn tomorrow morning at 9:15.

More than a nursery Bettye Hyde is a Sandy Hill icon and home to creative thinkers – from it’s entrepreneurial namesake who built this legacy over 40 years ago to those who are continuing to innovate today . It was the need for a new Bettye Hyde home that spurred on not just the signing of a lease but the community purchase of the beautiful Carriage House. These entrepreneurs have joined forces to create not only a home for Bettye Hyde whilst ensuring the protection of a historic building but also have laid the foundations for a new business hub in the neighbourhood with CAFCO, the Childhood, Adolescent and Family Centre of Ottawa. 

Professional from CAFCO will join Bettye Hyde and others for the parade and we all hope to see you there too.

10 Blackburn – All Saints Church 9:15am 20 Feb