Police Say No to Noise Control

Yesterday Councillor Mathieu Fleury spoke with press about the surprise decision taken by Ottawa Police that – without consultation with the City – from April 2016 they would no longer respond to noise complaints.

As pointed out by the Councillor, responding to noise issues is a standard service provided by municipal police forces across Ontario. This service would be pushed to Bylaw enforcement which does not currently have the resources to handle it as the tax-funded force neglected to consult with councillors and no public discussions or mitigation strategies were established.

Community Police

Engagement – Benefits of Community Policing

Services are crucial to the quality of life in any community.  To step away from a service is unprofessional and, without ensuring that service is handed over effectively, potentially damaging. Direct law-enforcement engagement with the community provides important crime reduction and trust building  opportunities. Foot-patrol barely exists in Ottawa and now is not the time to pull further service and opportunities for our police to engage and connect with the community.

Click here to read Mathieu Fleury’s interview with the CBC.

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