Talk the Walk on Urban Infill tonight 7PM

City of Ottawa Planner, Alain Miguelez presents Ottawa City’s new “Mature Neighbourhood By-Law” promising a new direction for urban infill.

IMG_5851Sandy Hill has been particularly afflicted with poor infill seeing historic homes transformed in to rooming houses with poorly designed add-ons that strip the buildings of character and once majestic lots of their landscape.

Miguelez will present the City’s new approach to zoning for urban infill, linking zoning requirements to the character of the local street-scape.

He will look at difficulties with urban infill in Ottawa over the last 15 years, the public engagement approach taken to identify solutions, and explain how Ottawa’s new by-law supports the pedestrian DNA of its old neighbourhoods.

Wednesday, April 29, 7:00 pm
40 Elgin St. 5th floor NCC’s Capital Urbanism Lab

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