After five years in suspended animation, Rake-star, Ottawa’s Sun Ra tribute project, returns

Rake-Star a Sun Ra Tribute at MugShots Saturday night.
See you there ~ Local awesomeness

Ottawa Citizen

Fans of jazz and anagrams won’t be puzzled by the name of the Ottawa group Rake-star. Rearrange the letters and you get arkestra, as in the free-wheeling, costumed and cosmic ensemble that the late keyboardist and bandleader Sun Ra led from the mid-1950s until his death in 1993. Note that I didn’t add the usual geographic descriptor (“New York-based,” for example) to Ra, since he considered himself to be a Saturn-raised member of the Angel Race.

In Ottawa, Rory Magill has convened Rake-star since 2000. The collective had been inactive for the last five years until late in January, when its latest iteration played at Raw Sugar Cafe. The group is back in action this Saturday at Mugshots. Maybe we can look forward to monthly sightings of Ottawa’s Sun Ra tribute project.

Below, Magill discusses Rake-star’s return.

Tell me the quick version of the tale of Rake-star to date. When…

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