Eye Spy: Media Coverage of Mathieu Fleury’s conflict of interest.

There may only be 3 Claridge builds but there are 2 towers slated for the Metro’s location, 2 being built across the street from the Metro & the one of St Andrew/Bruyere so this is more about scale than how Claridge “groups its projects”. An equally important consideration is the sheer number of units in each of these buildings. I believe the two towers at Metro are to be 27 & 32 stories alone.

Ottawa Citizen

Questions about his conflict of interest with developer Claridge Homes are dogging Mathieu Fleury, who is currently seeking re-election in the Rideau-Vanier ward.

Not long after he won in 2010, Fleury, 29, declared a conflict of interest with respect to Claridge, one the biggest developers in the city. The company has several projects in his ward.

But Fleury says the conflict hasn’t completely silenced him on issues related to Claridge.

Fleury’s father, from whom the councillor is estranged, works for the developer, so the councillor can’t in any way address zoning issues involving Claridge, nor can any of his staff.

All term, Fleury wasn’t allowed to discuss projects with residents, make a presentation to the planning committee (as is usual) or vote on any proposals should they reach full council. (In his place, Coun. Jan Harder, vice-chair of the planning committee, acted on his behalf on Claridge files in the…

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