Eye Spy: Ride of Silence – Tonight

Ride_of_Silence 2014_89_IMG_0756As we live centrally it is conducive to an increased quality of life that Ward 12 residents have the option of leaving the car at home when enjoying all the great events, services and happenings our city has to offer.

Ride of SilenceSadly, and quite rightly, many residents don’t feel safe cycling on our streets. Tonight is the “Ride of Silence” an international event happening around the world that honours those hurt or killed while cycling. At 6:30PM at City Hall in Ottawa cyclists will meet to remember, ride and advocate for safe streets for all.

RoS Hong Kong

RoS Hong Kong

If you support a city that makes cycling safe for all from 8 -80 years please consider coming out this evening to show your solidarity and encourage our Mayor and Councillor to do more… and to do it now.  Shout out to Francis Ouimet who organised Ottawa’s ride.

One response to “Eye Spy: Ride of Silence – Tonight

  1. Thank you for sharing this with me. I will do my best to go tonight. Penny

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