Sandy Hill to become Randy Hill

In an effort to shake off it’s staid image Sandy Hill residents and local community association have made application for a name change to: Randy Hill.

Spokesperson for the community, Avril Bass, claims that despite the new moniker being somewhat tongue-firmly-in-cheek it still represents both the colourful history of one of Ottawa’s oldest neighbourhoods whilst retaining a nod to its geographic elevation.

“How else could this Ward have grown if it wasn’t for the rampant desires of our founders? asks Bass.  ” We want to celebrate the lascivious past of our forefathers & mothers and we think the student population can really relate to this name change. Further, the name holds on to the old sound while integrating tones of illustrious street Range Road that borders Strathcona Park and the Rideau River. Cod Rollings told us, ” This is an intergenerational name the whole area can get under!” Happy April 1st!

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