Eye Spy: A Chance to Kick Arse!

Tomorrow, Saturday, in the fight against leukaemia Stephen Beckta is hosting a Swab-a-thon from 9am-1pm at Gezellig at 337 Richmond Rd.

gezellig_1-600x337Stephen Beckta who brings so much to Ottawa in terms of gastronomy with Beckta Dining, Play and Gezellig needs your help and with great community spirit offers an opportunity to lend a hand in the most comfortable of surrounds.

All that is involved is a Q-tip swab of the cheek to help find a stem-cell match. It’s a no-brainer so please  add it in to your Saturday schedule.

Only males 17-35  are eligible so pass this request along to friends that can participate and give cancer a kick up the arse!

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