New Community Garden Initiative in Sandy Hill: 3 Ways to Help

HerbgardenA New community garden project is in its initial start-up phase in Sandy Hill!

Property at the Laurier Ave & Blackburn Ave intersection has been graciously offered by the All Saints Sandy Hill Anglican Church  as a gardening opportunity. As space is limited the idea is to create a truly communal garden, rather than individual plots where people work together on the entire garden area twice a week, sharing and taking home produce when available.

cropped-img_58512.jpgThe project will go ahead depending on grants and soil testing results.

Three Key Ways to Help this Initiative:

  1. Join the Garden Committee
    Contact Caroline John at Indicating you would like to join the committee & pool resources. Best for those living in or close to Sandy Hill
  2. Spread the Word
    Copy and forward this note to friends & neighbours especially those in Sandy Hill
  3. Send a Letter of Support
    … and garden with us this summer. We need letters of support from residents and/or people who work, live or school in the area

For further details on how to help please contact Caroline John at Thank You!

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