Eye Spy: Stop Signs & Cars at Beausoleil & Chapel

Stop signs were finally installed at the intersection of Chapel st & Beausoleil last week.

StopThis follows a move by Cllr Fleury which opened the intersection at Chapel St to car traffic at Beausoleil – closed to cars since the 90s – in early December.

The Lowertown Community Association (LCA) is holding their monthly meeting today Monday, January 13th 7pm, Routhier Centre, 172 Guigues St.  Cllr. Fleury will address, amongst other items, the rationale behind his decision to open Chapel Street to vehicular traffic. The LCA invited the wider community with interest in this matter to attend. Please be respectful and considerate as this is a Lowertown Community meeting. We remain hopeful that Cllr Fleury’s office will schedule an open meeting dedicated to the intersection issue shortly. 

We are hearing very strong rumours that the vocal voice of the communities around this intersection are generating results. Fingers-crossed for a positive, confirmed update soon.

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