Eye Spy: Petition for UofO on-Campus Residences

Action Sandy Hill / Action Cote de Sable has launched an online petition to encourage the University of Ottawa to build on-campus residences for its growing student population.

ottawa-campus_0University of Ottawa’s student body has grown by 15, 000 in roughly the last 10 years. The vibrant student community contributes greatly and positively to the energy of Sandy Hill yet the growing housing demands are now physically transforming the neighbourhood.  The petition underlines that any conversation must involve the entire population of the neighbourhood in an inclusive discussion on how to address the needs of the growing University.

For instance the Retirement Residence at 300 Friel was transformed this summer in to a 98-unit apartment building aimed specifically at students. An application has been submitted to the City (see billboard on Laurier Ave. at Friel) to knock down 6 low-rise (including one neglected yet beautifully elegant apartment on the corner) buildings and create a large 9 storey apartment with 162 units! At 87 Mann a development company has an application in with the city to transform the church at this location in to a 60 unit residence.

The public comment period on the last TWO projects are still open the associated project codes are:
D02-02-13-0086 & D01-01-13-0012 for Laurier and Friel and
D02-02-13-0076 & D02-02-13-0084 for 87 Mann.

Ottawa plaque UofOttawa19

Bear in mind there are likely more developments ongoing that Sandy Hill Seen is simply unaware of at the moment.

The University itself is building a 165 unit dwelling on Henderson Avenue whilst additionally seeking proposals from developers to build 750-bed units within 10 minutes walking distance of Campus.

These executed developments and on-going requests clearly speak to the need for greater accommodations.  Thus it is time for all residents within 10 minutes  walk of campus to sit down with the University, our Councillor Mathieu Fleury, the Mayor’s office and City Planners to find the solution to meet the entire neighbourhood’s needs.

Together a solution can be found to maintain the vibrant student population without encroaching on other diverse communities and businesses within our colourful urban neighbourhood.

Please sign the petition to have a voice in these ongoing conversations.

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