A Visionary Project for Sandy Hill

A new initiative – Vision Sandy Hill – was launched by ASH committee member Suneeta Millington to harness wider public opinion within Sandy Hill in defining the future needs of our neighbourhood.

Sandy Hill Frametastic 1“Vision Sandy Hill” plans to step outside the community organisation and take the pulse of Sandy Hill residents on the needs and wants of the community. Millington’s group is engaged with the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study’s (ONS) which launched detailed findings on communities in Ottawa only two weeks ago.  The ONS comprehensive blueprint of the neighbourhood will provide a rich backdrop against which to analyse Vision feedback.  (Sandy Hill Seen will review the findings of the ONS in  a future post once the data containing several errors has been corrected).

The Vision mandate is to engage with local “stakeholders” within the Sandy Hill community to bring about positive change through stand-alone projects that essentially brand our neighbourhood as the place to live, work and do business in Ottawa.

Out of the initial Vision launch and brainstorm held late last month at TAN coffee such projects as “Banners on our Main Streets” Rideau and Laurier, Revitalisation of the Chapel Street Park and creating a community garden on the railway bike bridge were amongst many other ideas suggested.

Click link for more about Vision Sandy Hill Special Projects Initiative & List.

We look forward to more details in the coming weeks and months as Vision takes hold across Sandy Hill.

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