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Feeling hungry? Go grab free poutine between noon-1:30pm today only at Smoke’s Poutinerie at 407 Dalhousie. Major #nomnoms

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Tuesday, July 14

The Music & Beyond Festival pays homage to the two world wars in three events today, beginning at 1 p.m. with a performance of music and poetry written by those who perished in the wars, followed by a discussion on Culture and Intolerance: Remembering the Holocaust with speaker Eva Olsson at 4 p.m. Then, Kleztory will play music created during and inspired by the tragedy of The Holocaust at 7:30 p.m., all at the Dominion-Chalmers United Church. Tickets: $10-$50. musicandbeyond.ca

Kinocular Vision wants you to feel better about your own first efforts, and is screening the early works of stars before they were stars, from commercials, music videos to pitches, including early efforts by Quentin Tarantino and P.T. Anderson, 7 p.m., Avant-Garde Bar. Admission: Free, all welcome. kinocular.the-back-row.com

The Abba Show tribute concert at the Shenkman Arts Centre is sold out — including a second show added Wednesday — so enjoy this video and then go out…

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Community’s Hard-won Battle on Traffic & Safety Threatened – Again

A year and a bit ago Chapel St was opened to traffic at Beausoleil without any notification to the surrounding neighbours -read stories herehere and  here.

bicycles_and_pedestrians_only-svgThe local community donated time & effort for meetings – including one on the street in a snowstorm – interviews and postings to ensure their voice was heard and finally it was… as covered wonderfully here by the Ottawa Citizen’s David Reevely in his article “A Clever Solution to a Dumb Policy“.

On January 14, 2014 Councillor Mathieu Fleury released an email stating, “staff will convert the opening of Chapel Street at Beausoleil Drive into a “cyclist access only” intersection, as proposed by community members. “ Letter from Cllr Fleury’s office

Now all this hard work is being threatened again as the developers approach the City for the street to be re-opened. See here the proposal by the developers to the City to re-open the street. Prop to open Chapel at Beausoleil Parsons

The opening of Chapel St in 2014 led immediately to an increase in cut-through traffic from Lowertown, Hwy 5 & the Market to the 417 resulting in a very busy residential street in the heart of our ward that is already afflicted with traffic issues on King Edward, Waller, Montreal Road and Rideau St. There are 3 schools at the junction of Beausoleil & Chapel and opening this junction to greater vehicular traffic buts a key school crossing at risk.

Rideau was recently redesigned with wide driving lanes and without cycle lanes making this route in addition to being a speedy cut-through of the Ward to being a conduit for big vehicles – say trucks.

Now the proposal to build to towers (26 & 27 stories – if last check is still accurate) at the corner of Rideau and Chapel – in total disregard to the Low Rise Main Street vision that the Community worked on with the City on last year – is asking the city to re-open Chapel at Beausoleil as this will “enhance” the cycling and pedestrian experience (cough-cough) and accommodate the trucks that need to access the retail proposed (two large boxstores) at the bottom of the Towers.

Is this an exercise to see who tires first? The elected officials have heard the community speak loudly and clearly on this issue. Let’s raise the roof beams and ask our City, our Councillor, our Mayor and residents to stand firmly and back the inclusive decision made so recently in face of this blatant disrespect for the voices and hard-work of the local community.

Please note the Ottawa City contact to write to is Erin O’Connell Erin.O’Connell@Ottawa.ca

Sandy Hill Seen first heard of this issue yesterday. Apparently comment to Ottawa City are due today 7 July…



Liz Bernstein: Redevelop the ByWard Market for 2017


LCA pushes for Market Redevelopment in Byward Market. Couldn’t agree more. Let’s make it a people place, a market, let’s stop prioritizing cars over people. If NY can make Time Square a car-free zone and reap so many obvious benefits so can Ottawa. A great city is a grouping of many great neighbourhoods – let’s build the whole city up!

Originally posted on Ottawa Citizen:

Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017. Ottawa, as the nation’s capital, will play a role in hosting the celebrations and the city’s many expected tourists. The Byward Market, arguably the city’s heart, will be thrust on a national platform.

But what will the visitors see? A Byward Market of cars and parking lots, or a vibrant, people-centred historic market? On July 8, Ottawa’s City Council will be taking an important step in deciding what the ByWard Market will look like in 2017.

The Term of Council Priorities for 2015 to 2018 are coming to a vote. Once approved, these priorities will form the basis of the city’s Strategic Plan. And included in the proposed council priorities is a section on the redevelopment of the ByWard Market.

These redevelopment plans imagine the Market Building dedicated to selling fresh food year-round, and a pedestrian-friendly market, with streetscapes that invite…

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Chakra & Creativity Workshop at All Saint’s Church this Saturday

Calling all local yoga practitioners, artists and those that wish to be introduced to mindfulness, chakra alignment practices, art and gentle yoga postures.

Saturday June 20th a workshop will be held in the basement of All Saints Church (Laurier and Chapel – enter by the Laurier St red door) facilitated by both an Art Instructor and Yoga Instructor.  The session from 10:00am-4:00PM will explore breathing, gentle postures and working with acrylics and other materials.

For more information contact info@theartofbeinghuman.ca

Chakra & Art Poster copy 2

Saturday Fun at the Sandy Hill Spring Fair

Stay close to home for a good time this weekend as the annual Sandy Hill Spring Fair comes to the streets of our neighbourhood. Saturday June 6th, rain or shine, come out to Blackburn Ave between Laurier Ave and Somerset St 9am-2PM Want to volunteer your time? Please contact Christine at aubitchen@me.com SH SpringFair2015_Final Poster

Frankie & Johnny bring Immersive Theatre to Ottawa

Frankie and johny posterIt is with excitement and anticipation that we awaited Vacant House Theatre‘s latest production Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune. Following last spring’s outrageously entertaining inaugural production this company marked itself as one to watch for its talent and innovative approach to staging.

Last year’s stage was the laundry room at the Backpacker’s Hostel this season we are invited inside Frankie’s poky Manhattan apartment; ushered down a narrow back staircase to a tiny basement apartment in Sandy Hill. The audience is clustered in two rows of folding chairs in one corner as the play unfolds literally at arms length.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune follows the lunar trajectory of a first date between two greasy-spoon co-workers where a tumble in bed ignites Johnny’s (David Whiteley) feverish romantic embers countered by Frankie’s (Alexis Scott) restrained caution, accepting as she is of her current uninspiring and solitary life. Eager to return to her private world she brushes off Johnny’s declarations of love and tries to rid her apartment of this excitable stranger. Can two middle-aged world-weary souls connect and reach for the romantic moonlight reflected in the strains of Debussy’s Clair de Lune.?

Frankie and Johnny setThe sparseness of the Vacant House Theatre venue enhances the intimacy and immediacy of the “on-stage” action. There is nowhere for these actors to hide a momentary lapse of concentration not that either of them try – both Whiteley and Scott are fully committed to their characters throughout the two act performance. Tumbling naked from the bed to lie not even feet from the audience is not for the faint of heart yet Whiteley & Scott tackle the opener with such natural ease that we’re instantly enwrapped in this middle-of-the-night conversation.

As the night progresses David Whitely reveals a Johnny that is a hopeless romantic frantically clinging to the urgent need to “connect” now. His desperation for grand gestures as his temples grey verges on manic. Alexis is fierce in her resistance – rejecting this idealised view and doubting any fateful signs. Together they work beautifully to convey the letdown of a “life more ordinary” and the self-doubts that accompany mid-life spread.

The performances are tremendous – Whiteley on fine form while Scott is committedly real and beautifully vulnerable. Sadly, Terrence McNally’s work fairly screams late 80’s. Johnny’s patriarchal notion of romance veers to domineering and stalker-like in particular when Frankie insists that Johnny leave her home and he flatly refuses causing the woman behind me to murmur “this is making me very uncomfortable”. For many people today the idea of being bullied in to seizing the day may not resonate as a fairytale. And it’s an interesting segue that Frankie watches domestic abuse in the window across from her own nightly. Tying these two elements together could provide a built-in element to update this play seamlessly.

Regardless of questions the talents in this two-hander swing the balance firmly in favour of this production which delivers unique and accomplished performances and a truly immersive night out.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune
Vacant House Theatre
May 21-30th 8PM
122 Stewart St

Annual “Ride of Silence” Wednesday 20 May

The international ride of silence that sweeps the globe in May is back next Wednesday in Ottawa.  The “Ride of Silence” sees cyclists come together in cities and towns across the globe to silently pedal a brief distance in memory of fellow bikers that have been injured or killed on the roads.

ride of silenceThe event HONOURS those who have been injured or killed, RAISES AWARENESS that bikes are here and asks that we all SHARE THE ROAD.

The international ride saw 315 events take place worldwide in 2014. Lets hope there are even more in 2015

Francis Ouimet is the organizer of the Ottawa ride. He invites riders to gather on Laurier Ave in front of Ottawa City Hall at 6:30 pm and the ride begins at 7 pm, rain or shine. The route as per last year will be two loops of the Laurier St segregated bike path from City Hall to Bronson.

More info can be found at the Ride of Silence website or by contacting the Ottawa ride organizer Francis Ouimet

Ottawa Ride Of Silence
Ottawa City Hall 110 Laurier St entrance at 6:30PM
Ride begins 7:00PM